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Private Cloud Hosting Pricing

Private Cloud Hosting
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Top 3 reasons companies are choosing to implement a private cloud for their infrastructure needs:

Private Cloud Hosting
  • Cost Savings
  • Scalability
  • Speed of Deployment

What's your reason?

Whether you're looking for cost savings and converting large CAPEX spending into more manageable OPEX, or you're looking to have the flexibility to scale your infrastructure as your business grows, or you are looking to quickly implement new infrastructure projects, private cloud solutions from Pay Per Cloud can build a custom private cloud to fit your business need.

Use a private cloud to extend your existing infrastructure or completely replace the need for any on-premise hardware, YOU CHOOSE.

Select from one of the turnkey solutions below or contact us for a customized quote to fit your private cloud exactly to your specifications.

Turnkey Private Cloud Configurations:

Select from one of our powerful pre-defined private clouds or work with our team to configure your own to match your exact business specifications.  Discover the power and cost-effectiveness of Pay Per Cloud's private cloud solutions.  These private clouds sit in a high-availability data center with no single points of failure and are configured to allow for unlimited virtual machines without further licensing costs.  An infinite number of other private cloud solutions are possible. 


Private Cloud – Entry Level

  • Processing Power: Dual Multi-Core Intel CPUs
  • Memory: 128GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB
  • Backups: Daily Disk-to-Disk
  • Core OS: Windows 2012 Datacenter
  • Virtualization Platform: Hyper-V (VMWare is available)
  • Licensed for Unlimited Virtual Machines
  • External IP Addresses: 2
  • Data Transfer: 618GB
Under $900

Private Cloud – Single Server Powerhouse

  • Processing Power: Dell, Dual 6-Core CPU
  • Memory: 256GB RAM
  • Storage: 4TB
  • Backups: Daily Disk-to-Disk
  • Core OS: Windows 2012 Datacenter
  • Virtualization Platform: Hyper-V (VMWare is available)
  • Licensed for Unlimited Virtual Machines
  • External IP Addresses: 5
  • Data Transfer: 618GB
$1,326 / Month

Private Cloud – High Availability

  • Processing Power: 2
  • Memory: 256GB RAM each
  • SAN Storage: 4 TB w/ Clustered Shared Volumes for Hyper-V
  • Backups: Daily Disk-to-Disk
  • Core OS: Windows 2012 Datacenter
  • Virtualization Platform: Hyper-V Virtualization Platform (Clustered) VMware available
  • Unlimited Virtual Machines* within limitations of specifications
  • External IP Addresses: 5
  • Data Transfer: 618GB
Under $3,800

Free Hardware Refresh Every 36 Months

The Possibilities Are Pretty Much Endless. One of the beauties of Private Clouds from Pay Per Cloud is how flexible and customizable they are—just like any of our Hosting solutions. Start with a simple configuration or a highly complex one. Even create a hybrid solution that integrates with your Public Pay Per Cloud Hosting environment.

Configure your private cloud to your specifications

While we have private cloud packages built with Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization platform, you can build your private cloud however you want to meet your business needs.

The Additional Benefits of Pay Per Cloud Managed Private Clouds

  • A secure, dedicated, single-tenant environment
  • Dedicated support team complete with certified Virtualization specialists
  • Virtual layer, hardware and overall infrastructure fully supported 24x7x365
  • Ability to create a hybrid solution that ties in our public cloud solutions
  • Turn VMs on and off through your virtual machine manager.
  • Rapid provisioning of VMs allows you to scale more easily
  • Managed backups of both files as well as each VM system state
  • Ability to create your own virtual machine templates and provision VMs from them
  • All OS licensing is included, regardless of how many VMs you use, including Microsoft OS's
  • Additional Hosting Services for security, storage, database and business continuity needs
  • Powered by industry leading Hyper-V technology
  • FREE hardware refresh.  We cover the cost to provide all new hardware every 36 months and we cover the labor to move you to it.

*Capabilities are dependent on Configuration specifics

Every Private Cloud Hosting Solution Also Includes:

  • Windows Server R2 Datacenter Core OS
  • Full root-level access
  • Unlimited expert support, 24x7x365
  • Financially backed SLA
  • A Dedicated Support Team
  • Continuous Backup Solutions 
  • HA Design Assistance

Other Options


Optional Items Setup Fee Monthly Fee
IP Address $10.00 $4.50
2 TB Bandwidth $25.00 $48.00
SAN Storage Per GB $0.10 $0.47
Backup Storage Per GB $0.00 $0.12
Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel $150.00 $100.00
SSL VPN User $25.00 $4.50
Fully Managed Services(Includes: Antivirus, Patching, Monitoring, Backup) $0.00 $96.00
Managed Antivirus Services (Per Server) $0.00 $43.13
Managed Patch Maintenance (Per Server) $0.00 $52.50
Managed System and Application Monitoring (Per Server) $0.00 $25.00
Managed Backup Maintenance (Per Server) $0.00 $48.75


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