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Synoptek's Hosting and Managed Services solutions are specifically designed to meet the most rigorous compliance and security standards.

Organizations within County Government face the difficult task of balancing between ever tightening budgets and increased expectations of a secure, robust IT infrastructure. Synoptek designed its Hosting and Managed Services solutions to meet the tailored needs of County Governments. Offering a full array of cloud solutions coupled with the expert touch of managed services, Synoptek is helping counties to address IT costs while improving IT services.

Compliance Email Hosting

County Government Email Solutions (GES) are designed to be dedicated environments to provide the benefits of cloud based procurement with the security and control of a private dedicated email platform. With encryption and archiving services added into the GES, you have the ability to ensure complete confidentiality and long term retention of critical messages.

Security, Encryption and Archiving
Pay Per Cloud Security

Cloud computing by Pay Per cloud provides scalable information technology (IT) capabilities that are offered as a service over the Internet to multiple users at one time. Counties can leverage cloud resources, such as an email service, to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

But along with the benefits of cloud computing come the concerns over security and control. Pay Per Cloud places the highest importance on security and have a multi-pronged approach to ongoing security and compliance:

  • Designed for Security
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAO)

The additional integration of security tools like 2 factor authentication and encryption into dedicated cloud environments allows County Governments to meet the highest security standards.

Unified Communication

Pay Per Cloud's experience with implementing unified communications solutions allows Counties Governments to take advantage of the latest secure enhanced communications tools with integration of email, voice and instant messaging solutions.

  • Integrate Email with Chat and Presence Information
  • Ability to Share Your Desktop
  • Video Conferencing
  • Full Control over your Communications Environment
  • A Collaboration and Communication Tool Unlike Any Other!
Infrastructure as a Service

Pay Per Cloud delivers highly available Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud IaaS solutions. Infrastructure solutions from Pay Per Cloud allow counties to focus on core business initiatives while eliminating the need for ongoing management associated with acquiring and managing crucial IT equipment. The highly secure and compliant environments are built with security, flexibility and availability in mind.

Disaster Recovery Services

Pay Per Cloud offers a variety of cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions ranging from email archiving to complete infrastructure recovery environments. Secure secondary site backups allow counties to ensure that critical data is stored off-site and quickly recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Managed Services

Managed Services through Pay Per Cloud Professional Services are the perfect solution for those counties that need to have expert technical staff available 24x7 onsite and remote. From Desktop support to complete server and environment management, all of Pay Per Cloud’s Technicians hold certifications to ensure that you get the highest levels of qualifications.

Expand Services Without Expanding Costs

County government agencies are looking for IT solutions to expand services without expanding costs. Public sector organizations manage some of the most sensitive data in the world, so while agencies strive to meet "Cloud First" mandates, they must adhere to stringent security and compliance standards.

Pay Per Cloud's Managed Hosting solutions provide government agencies the ability to expand services, control costs and improve services with an "as a service" IT model.

County Government Hosting Solutions

  • Dedicated server hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Managed network services, including load balancing
  • Managed security services, including SSL
  • Managed SAN and NAS services
  • Managed high-speed backup and data recovery services
  • Integrated private network options
  • Systems management
  • Multi-site environments including Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Services
  • Managed hosting solutions
  • Dedicated, Private and Public cloud and SaaS Cloud Solutions
  • HIPAA compliant hosting solutions
  • Professional managed services

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