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Enterprise Class Technology to Support Your Customers

Pay Per Cloud® utilizes a carrier-grade 10G network from all NICs to Edge Routers to ensure performance, reliability and security.

To offer industry leading Service Level Agreements our infrastructure has been designed with NO single points of hardware failure, from the internet backbones, to the redundant power supplies in all of our servers.

Security – Security is one of the single largest concerns relating to the implementation of cloud solutions. Pay Per Cloud maintains the highest level of both physical and logical security.

Physical Security
Multi-layer Data Center Access Security
Including Badge Access, Pin reader and eEye Iris Scanning in the world's premier Tier 4 data centers.

Logical Security
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances with IDS and IPS
Forefront Client Security
Multi-layer challenge/response end-user control.

Scalability – Our architecture allows you to scale your environment from CPUs to Ram and Bandwidth to Storage. Grow your infrastructure when you need it. But hardware infrastructure is only one part of the scaling puzzle. With Pay Per Cloud’s PayPerApps solutions, you can scale your software up and down along with your hardware scaling requirements.

Managed Infrastructure
The key to any successful cloud strategy is having the expertise beside you to help roll that solution out and ensure that the implementation is successful. But technology moves faster than you can, that’s why at Pay Per Cloud our Managed Infrastructure solutions are so popular.

Our partners can spend their time focusing on their customer's business, not building out their technology. With ongoing infrastructure or application management from Pay Per Cloud. you get all the benefits of the cloud without the ongoing concerns of how

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