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Migration has never been so easy!

Migration has never been so easy!

Benefits & Features

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Initiate migrations from and to different messaging systems using the same interface from your web browser. Sign-up, configure and submit migrations in minutes with no prior experience.

Easy to use

24 Hour Technical Support

Our knowledgeable and experienced support team works around the clock to ensure your migration happens smoothly at no additional cost.

Easy to use


Your mailbox credentials are safe with us. We use government standards (AES encryption) to encrypt and store your credentials. Data is never stored on our servers and is a complete pass-through.

Easy to use


Built from the ground up to utilize internet-based data transfer offering virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Easy to use


Requires no software to install, hardware to deploy, or special configuration to set, eliminating headaches associated with migration projects.

Easy to use

High Fidelity

Migrates an unmatched level of fidelity by mapping hundreds of properties for each type of item transferred.

Email Migration

You’re minutes away from unleashing the power of cloud-based mailbox migration. As a complete email migration solution, we will migrate the entire fidelity of your calendar, contacts, emails, tasks, journals, and notes from one system to another (as supported by each system). With no hardware to deploy or software to install, this solution is designed to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, IT administrators, consultants, system integrators, and service providers. You can start, configure, and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience!
Managed Migration
$75 per Mailbox 1x
Managed migration is free when selecting an annual account
Standard Migration
- Single Pass

Standard Migration
- multi-pass


Phased Migrations

Have a large number of users that you wish to move in groups over time? Learn more about how you can achieve a phased migration.



Rely on a proven formula

Thousands of organizations have successfully moved their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and folders from a variety of platforms to Pay Per Cloud's Hosted Exchange infrastructure. Whether you choose to do it yourself or with the assistance of our trained professionals, your migration to hosted Exchange will feel like a simple upgrade to your users.

Our expert team members are professionals who have many years of experience as well as a vast knowledge of corporate email environments. From basic migration solutions to complex custom migration services, our engineers will assist you every step of the way.




Migration Planning Scenarios


  • Current
  • Migration Process
  • Future
Exchange 2003/2007 or 3rd party email server
-Create users
-Migrate user data
Email hosted at 3rd party
-Move MX
-Migrate user mailboxes
Pay Per Cloud hosted Control Panel
-Email hosted internally
-Active directory
-Identity & authentication
-Sync User ID’s
-Move MX
-Migrate User Mailboxes
-Pay Per Cloud Control Panel
-AD synchronization


Premium Service

If you need help to deploy your new hosted Exchange service, Pay Per Cloud will step in with the right experience, IT infrastructure knowledge, and technical expertise to support you.

  • Detailed activation email with important links and user login information
  • Dedicated account managers and level-2 engineers around the clock.
  • Import of your .pst files by a migration specialist
  • 24/7 support

* We also offer custom migration solutions for bigger organizations with specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do It Yourself

When you sign up, we provide you with all the tools you need to easily deploy your new hosted Exchange solution.

  • Detailed activation email with important links and user login information
  • Configuration guide
  • 24/7 support

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