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Highly Available Hosting Service


The high availability infrastructure is comprised of hosting in a world-class datacenter, a managed hosting solution with high-availability firewalls, load balancing, enterprise grade hardware, disk-to-disk-to-tape continuous data protection, advanced monitoring and patching. This combination of redundancy and managed services provides you the backbone necessary to guarantee your applications are always available.

With our High-Availability hosting configuration, websites experience virtually no unscheduled downtime, often times for several years. Our systems monitor your entire environment for hardware failure and virtual machine failure and will immediately re-deploy your services should a failure occur.

A High-Availability hosting configuration may be deployed on any Private Cloud solution. The idea of zero downtime - ever - makes fault tolerant High-Availability hosting solutions an attractive option that most enterprises explore. If your potential financial loss due to missed sales or SLA credit is less than the risk of a few minutes downtime, the responsive/reactive nature of High Availability provides ample protection.

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