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License Mobility

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Microsoft® | License Mobility

Manage your Microsoft licenses and control your overall software spend in the cloud

Transfer your Microsoft Software Licenses to your Pay Per Cloud® hosting environment

  • Move on-premise Microsoft applications to Pay Per Cloud at any time
  • Control your software spend by reallocating licenses you’ve already paid for
  • Flexibility to deploy on-premise licenses into the cloud
  • Use existing Microsoft license at no additional cost for the application
  • Use your existing enterprise agreement (EA)
  • Choose from a wide variety of Microsoft Applications

Benefits of License Mobility through Software Assurance are:


  • Increase flexibility to deploy workloads in a variety of cloud-hosting environments
  • Move application server workloads to a partner’s IaaS offering without additional licensing

Cost Effectiveness:

  • Take advantage of existing licensing investments when deploying to the cloud
  • Capitalize on a lower-cost service provider infrastructure platform
  • Enhance the value of Software Assurance with an additional benefit


  • Leverage existing license agreements to adopt the cloud
  • No additional licensing cost for hosted application server workloads

Pay Per Cloud customers have the flexibility to move their on-premise Microsoft application to our Cloud or Managed Hosting Environments at any time without incurring additional licensing fees. This benefit is available to Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customers with eligible applications covered by active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) contracts.

How It Works

1. Inventory your Existing Microsoft Licenses

Work with your Microsoft representative, licensing procurement or preferred Microsoft Software licensing eligibility:

  • The application server licenses you want to deploy must have active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) coverage.
  • The software licenses must be within the list of eligible products:

To view a full list of products eligible for License Mobility, see the Software Assurance Benefits section of the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR) document.

2. Setup your Private Cloud Solution with Pay Per Cloud

Lower your infrastructure costs by deploying your applications on our Private Cloud

Steps to Deploy on Pay Per Cloud Servers

  • Work with your Pay Per Cloud Representative to configure your Private Cloud
  • Select your Windows Operating System.
  • Work with your Pay Per Cloud technician to Install your Windows application to your Pay Per Cloud Server for Windows.


3. Verify Your Microsoft Licenses

Complete the License Verification Form available on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website within 10 days of deployment. Once complete, provide it to your Microsoft representative or preferred resell partner in order for them to submit it to Microsoft.

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